VHS Links

So many great websites exist nowadays that deal specifically with VHS collecting. Also, many YouTube channels are dedicated to this specific hobby. Here are only some of a large volume of collectors throughout the world.
(Links are in no particular order)
  1. http://www.vhscollector.com/ ( the biggest site dedicated to this hobby and one of my favorites. They feature a great forum and some pretty cool cover scans.)
2) http://collectingvhs.tumblr.com/ is another great site on tumblr that offers many neat covers from the Golden Era.
  • 3)https://www.facebook.com/pages/Collecting-VHS/111098512286014 is just one of many Facebook Pages available and open. Subscribe at your own risk.
  • 4) VHSHitFest is one of the most awesome websites there is in this hobby. One of the cool thing about this site is that these guys are filmmakers and are focusing on the early days of the VHS video store world and the wacky state of VHS collecting. Their full-length documentary is called Adjust your Tracking and it is a must see for anyone that is getting involved in this tape mad business.


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