The Beast (Equinox)

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Depending on who you ask, this film seems to be either loved or reviled. More than anything, the only reason I picked it up was because it was a Wizard Video big box. Not knowing much about it, I decided to purchase it and see why many horror hounds love this movie so much. If not, I figured I could sell it on my Ebay store to a collector with better and more refined taste than mine. 

However, as my luck would have it, this was the week my beloved VCR decided to break down and leave me with a raging boner for some 1970s low budget horror-trash. Since I could not enjoy this movie in all its VHS glory, I had to resort to the good users on Youtube that had previously uploaded the film in its entirety. Some swear this movie is a masterpiece of the era, as for me, gee, maybe I'm just growing up to be a film-square, but I did not see what all the fuss is about. (props to the musical score, though.)

According to IMDB, The Beast also goes under the name of Equinox

 Nonetheless, feel free to watch the movie that some kind user uploaded here. *(the movie starts at about the 7th minute)

Taglines used by this movie include:
"Begins where Rosmary's baby left off"
"It was a peaceful mountain retreat until IT came home"

Oddly enough, Ed Beagley Jr. is credited as assistant cameraman.

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New Arrivals (Dr. HackensteinHobgoblin)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Doing some buys off Ebay, I recently bought several VHS movies in a lot, mostly horror titles with some suspese/thriller flicks added for good measure. The bad part was that I did not realize that most of the movies in this lot had been ex-video rentals. Worse than that, most of them have a plastic sleeve taped to the front of the slipcase, no doubt where the inventory card would slide in at the video rental place. Nonetheless, I enjoy my new additions. Here is one of the 20 movies that I just received and expect some more in the next few days.

1) The first movie is a Troma release, Dr. Hackenstein, which stars David Muir and Michael Ensign from 1989. Honestly, I'd never heard of this movie, until I received it in the lot that I had bought off Ebay and I still have not seen the movie, although I must say given the user reviews from IMDB, it does not seem very promising.

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