New Arrivals (Dr. HackensteinHobgoblin)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Doing some buys off Ebay, I recently bought several VHS movies in a lot, mostly horror titles with some suspese/thriller flicks added for good measure. The bad part was that I did not realize that most of the movies in this lot had been ex-video rentals. Worse than that, most of them have a plastic sleeve taped to the front of the slipcase, no doubt where the inventory card would slide in at the video rental place. Nonetheless, I enjoy my new additions. Here is one of the 20 movies that I just received and expect some more in the next few days.

1) The first movie is a Troma release, Dr. Hackenstein, which stars David Muir and Michael Ensign from 1989. Honestly, I'd never heard of this movie, until I received it in the lot that I had bought off Ebay and I still have not seen the movie, although I must say given the user reviews from IMDB, it does not seem very promising.


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