First VHS purchase

Monday, July 22, 2013

I actually bought these VHS movies several months ago over at Propaganda Palace, a neat store that sells collectibles out in San Antonio, TX. I did not mean to spend so much money on these three movies, but I think I got carried away.

 This store is pretty awesome and they specialize in vintage video games. They do however have a pretty sick array of VHS movies and I happened to pick out the titles and cover art that struck me the most. I tend to gravitate toward big boxes and hard case ex rentals as well. On this occasion I picked up Creepers (1986), Night Creature, and Encore.

I picked up Creepers  on VHS for two reasons: I loved the cover art and I recall seeing it at the video stores back in the day and it stars Jennifer freaking Connelly. You can never go wrong with Jennifer C. movies, no matter how lame they are.
Night Creature I picked up because I had never heard of it and the cover art struck me as odd and amateurish. The movie itself seems to be from 1979 and this particular edition was put out by VCI Home Video. Honestly I've yet to see the flick but it stars old Donald Pleasance so you can bet your pause button I'll get around to viewing this flick soon. For now, check out this clip from a user on youtube.

Encore (staring crooner Jack Jones) was the last VHS I selected on this particular trip to Propaganda Palace. Again, I'd never heard of this title so that was a bonus. Also, the sleeve bills the movie as being "in the tradition of Friday the 13th and Halloween". With credentials like those, it has a lot of hype already. Since I've yet to see this one, I don't know much about it. This particular version that I have is from Saturn Productions. I could not find a clip from this movie on Youtube. After searching IMDB, I discovered this film is from 1979 and is a UK film that also went by the name of "The Comeback". View the trailer from "The Comeback" here. Apparently, its out on DVD under this title, at least in the UK.


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