Getting started with my collection

Monday, July 22, 2013

So I want to be a VHS collector. Right of the bat I must warn you that I don't have deep pockets and VHS collecting seems to be a chic thing to do these days. Ten years ago the hipsters were out buying up all the old, discarded vinyl and now they seem to be doing the same with VHS. However, my main reason to dive into VHS collecting is for strictly sentimental purposes.

As many other collectors of this outdated format, I too recall the wonderful days of getting lost in a mom and pop video store, staring at wonderful cover art and trying to decide on what movie to take home for my viewing pleasure. It seemed that half the fun was choosing the movie at the video store with so many wonderful titles at our disposal.

I have so many loving memories for old VHS movies. Nothing screams more 80s to me than big box VHS just like the ones that I would spend hours gawking. I start this blog now at the very outset of my collecting venture. I must say that I only own about 40 VHS and since I am currently in the process of buying a new home, most everything I own is neatly packed in boxes at a nearby storage unit. Nonetheless, it is my goal to convert a section of my house, once I move in, into a video store just like one I remember back in 1988.

But for now, I will share in this blog, whatever VHS movies I purchase and add to my collection. I will focus on horror movies, but I must say that I will not be collecting strictly horror movies alone. Also I will share great links to other sites and blogs along with videos of movie reviews as those become available.  For now, hit the forward button and see what I have in store.


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